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For regular EV drivers, at just £5/month our Membership plan is a great way to save:

  • Cheaper charging across our growing network of on-street charge points
  • Fast (7-22kW) charging starts from 53p/kWh
  • Rapid (50-75kW) charging starts from 60p/kWh
  • A free RFID card for easy charging, provided on request via our app
  • A simple monthly contract, which you can cancel at any time.
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Pay As You Go



Our Pay As You Go plan is as simple as it sounds:

  • There’s no monthly commitment, just pay for what you use
  • Fast (7-22kW) charging starts from 56p/kWh
  • Rapid (50-75kW) charging starts from 66p/kWh
  • As a pay-as-you-go user, you can sign up for a Believ account to keep track of your charging history in our app or driver portal.

Our pricing

What you pay for charging may vary depending on which charge point you are using, as well as which plan you’ve chosen. We’ll always show you the pricing available when you select a charge point on our interactive map in our app or driver portal.

We offer two plans for users charging on our network: Membership or Pay As You Go, as detailed above.

Idle fees

We charge a small idle fee to avoid our charge points being blocked by vehicles that are not charging.

Both Membership and Pay As You Go tariffs include a day-time idle fee of 8p/minute, which applies to charging sessions longer than 4 hours, if your vehicle is still plugged in but no longer charging.

The Idle Fee is only applicable in daytime hours (9:30am – 6:30pm 7 days a week). That means if your car finishes charging overnight, you will not pay Idle fees until 9:30am the next morning, if it is still plugged in.

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