Gosport Borough Council Study  


Gosport Borough Council is the local authority in the borough of Gosport, in the county of Hampshire, England. It is home to over 80,000 residents and popular with tourists due to its location on the south coast of England, having two marinas and close links with the Isle of Wight.

In partnership with Believ, Gosport Borough Council are delivering 32 EV charging bays across seven car parks in the borough and are deploying infrastructure in their car parks to support the transition to electric vehicles for residents, businesses and visitors, in turn supporting local residents and tourism. By continuing to increase the number of charge points, the local authority is able to influence behaviour change, moving an increasing number of residents away from petrol and diesel cars and towards electric vehicles.

With the challenges we face posed by climate change, Gosport aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The Council and Believ are deploying a mixture of fast (22kW) and rapid (50kW) charge points across seven council-owned car parks. This will support the borough’s vision of providing more sustainable modes of transport to ensure emissions are lowered, air quality is improved, and climate change is mitigated.

Outcome and future deployment

We are working with the local authority to locate additional car parks and continue expanding the EV charge point network. Believ will continue to work with Gosport Borough Council to monitor the utilisation of the existing charging points and to strengthen the network with new charge point installations, based on growing demand.

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