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How to charge your vehicle

Step 1

Log into the Believ App on your smart phone.
If you don’t already have the app it can be downloaded from the Apple App Store/Google Play

Step 2

Select the charging point from the map (click ‘allow app to use my location’ if prompted)

Step 3

Confirm sticker number and charger ID on the app are the same

Step 4

Select socket a or b on the app then plug in your cable

Step 5

Swipe on the app to start charging, then swipe again to stop

Step 6

Once charging has been confirmed as having stopped, unplug your cable.


The Believ app

The easiest way to access your local Believ electric vehicle charge point.

  • View real-time EV charging point availability map
  • Select a charger on the map or scan the QR code to start your charge
  • Pay with a debit/credit card – no subscription required
  • Once registered, view your previous charging sessions to keep track of costs, and order an RFID card for use on the Believ network
  • And if you do need help with anything, contact our dedicated 24/7 support team.

Charge Now

Whether you want to find your local charge points or those on a planned route, our live map will help.

Our drivers plan

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For regular EV drivers, at just £5/month our Membership plan is a great way to save:

  • Cheaper charging across our growing network of on-street charge points
  • Fast (7-22kW) charging starts from 53p/kWh
  • Rapid (50-75kW) charging starts from 60p/kWh
  • A free RFID card for easy charging, provided on request via our app
  • A simple monthly contract, which you can cancel at any time.
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Pay As You Go

Our Pay As You Go plan is as simple as it sounds.

  • There’s no monthly commitment, just pay for what you use.
  • Fast (7-22kW) charging starts from 56p/kWh
  • Rapid (50-75kW) charging starts from 66p/kWh
  • As a pay-as-you-go user, you can sign up for a Believ account to keep track of your charging history in our app or driver portal.

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Download our app!

Download the Believ App to access Believ’s electric vehicle charge points in the UK.
We make public charging simple.