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The smarter move for your business

With over 1 million plug-in vehicles already on UK roads – and the number rising rapidly – installing EV charging points makes sense.

Not only will your business be more appealing to customers, but it also helps to attract and retain staff, while creating greater efficiencies. What’s more, it shows that your business is dynamic, forward-looking, and has a clear focus on the environment.

Naturally, bigger players like major supermarkets are seeing the benefits too. But we’re also here for the independent sector, taking care of all the upfront work and costs involved in installation. And it doesn’t stop there. Our business model includes the option to receive an annual fee or a share in the revenues from each charge-point.

So, as well as offering zero cost for zero risk, it’s a profit driver for your business.

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Why Believ is right
for you

Endorsed by outstanding financial backing and industry expertise, our team has wide experience in the provision of EV charging and infrastructure solutions.

From planning and installing, to ongoing maintenance, we’ll take care of all the costs involved, only earning our revenue when the charge points are in use. This means we have the right charge point speeds in the right locations, that are always working, and are competitively priced. This industry-leading business model ensures excellent experiences for your customers.

We are independent and hardware agnostic, which means we can provide a blended approach to equipment and charging speeds, resulting in the best option to suit your business, now and in the future. And when it comes to the environment, our strong commitment to ESG means 100% of the energy used in our charging points is taken from renewable sources.

Where are you in your EV journey?

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Our in-house team of planning and delivery experts will carefully consider your unique business needs and goals in order to deliver a bespoke, reliable EV charging solution at scale and at pace. Backed by our extensive experience working with both local authorities and commercial clients and using our tried and tested blended approach, we are able to deliver all charging speeds at market-leading standards. Our privately funded, future-proofed solution comes at no cost to you or the taxpayer.

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Many businesses highlight perceived cost as a significant obstacle to implementing an EV strategy. And as we believe delivering a reliable, high quality and accessible EV charging network should cost you nothing, no matter the size of your business, we absorb all of the installation cost at no charge to your business or the taxpayer.

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Design and Planning

The right EV charging implementation plan should cater for your unique business needs. From strategic planning to installation, operation, and maintenance, with the end-to-end support of our in-house experts and trusted delivery partners; we will deploy an always-on, made-to-measure EV charging network that considers all charging speeds to suit your business and benefits your local community.

Whether you need new grid infrastructure, a plan for delivering the right charge speeds in the right locations, funding, or a full risk assessment of the project, we will support you. We excel at delivering charge points with usage optimisation in mind, whilst limiting build disruption and controlling costs.


Contract terms can often be perceived as complex and difficult to negotiate. We have an experienced, dedicated legal team that are on hand to facilitate this process and ensure the required contract terms are agreed and all parties are comfortable ahead of installation.

All of our legal representatives are experienced in land and commercial contract terms negotiation and will be able to support the process throughout its entirety.

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We believe in delivering at scale and at pace, because we are in a hurry to reduce CO2 emissions.

Our partners are carefully chosen to provide you with a quality service. Working with Virgin Media’s thousands of miles of infrastructure, its contractors, and local highway departments, we install charge points that are ready to operate, with minimal disturbance to your business and the local community.

We are committed to the delivery of our commitments to our customers. Our communications and marketing experts ensure our joined efforts to ease the transition to sustainable, accessible mobility are loudly celebrated by creating exciting PR opportunities to optimise usage, increase local footfall, and maximise brand awareness.

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Maintenance and Operations

An oft-overlooked but critical part of the process, we believe in taking full responsibility for any network we install and in making sure it’s always on and future-proofed. Why? Because unlike many of our competitors, it’s literally in our commercial interests to do so.

We provide an annual service and operate 24-hour emergency response system to deliver a reliable, accessible, carbon-busting EV charge point network. Our network will immediately alert us if something isn’t right, remotely diagnosing the issue and its severity. Engineers are then dispatched rapidly to get charge points up and running again, minimising downtime. Always-on is in our DNA!

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