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Business shouldn’t cost the earth

At Believ, we believe sustainable transport should be accessible to everyone. And that is shouldn’t cost the earth.

That’s why we’ve taken steps as a business to do what’s right for the planet and the people on it. This includes:

  • Delivering 100% renewable energy through our charge points
  • Carbon reduction & offset
  • Sustainable delivery & maintenance
  • Hardware recycling
  • Charitable development of communities and biodiversity by contributing towards the planting of 500 trees and 100m hedgerow within the past 12 months with The Tree Council
  • Engaging with residents and business at local events promoting clean air days

For more information, see our Carbon Reduction Plan Report here.

Carbon Reduction & Offset

At Believ, our goal is to become a net zero CPO by 2050; as such we are taking a rigorous approach to calculating and reducing our carbon emissions at every stage throughout our supply chain and within the company. In 2022, we commissioned a Carbon Reduction Plan in line with ISO14064 and the GHG Emissions Protocol Accounting Standards which has now provided us with a roadmap to reach our Net Zero goals. Following this, we then calculated and offset our GHG emissions for 2023, meaning that we have now achieved carbon neutral status for both 2022 and 2023 via collaboration with Carbon Neutral Britain, trusted by large multinationals such as DPD Group and Virgin Media.

We offset our emissions via the Woodland Fund and have also adjusted our baseline ‘Carbon Reduction Plan’ targets following our 2023 audit. The Woodland Fund supports tree planting, reforestation, and Woodland Management Projects across the globe and within Britian with a strong focus on rejuvenating wildlife, damaged ecology, and biodiversity. For example, one Woodland Fund project, the Carbon Neutral Britain Project 1164 – Improved Biodiversity & Mixed Reforestation, is planting native species on previously degraded farmland. Alongside offsetting our own emissions and re-planting the area, the reforestation efforts will serve as a new habitat and biological corridor for many rare and endangered wildlife species.

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Our measured amounts based on the available data we had are 103.25 tCO2e (2022) and 57.28 tCO2e (2023) or 160.53 tCO2e (2022&2023) total so far which we have offset. 

See our certificates:

Carbon Neutral Certification

Carbon Offset Certification

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