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Believ supports Brentwood Borough Council to expand electric vehicle charging network

Believ, the electric vehicle (EV) charge point operator (CPO) on a mission to deliver the UK’s most reliable, publicly accessible EV charging network, is working with Brentwood Borough Council to rollout additional fast and rapid EV charging infrastructure for local residents.

The two locations, planned for Brentwood’s King George’s Playing Fields close to the Pavilion and at Chatham Way Car Park, will be privately funded at zero cost to the council or taxpayer. Believ will also manage all on-going charge point operation and maintenance, with no requirement for government funding.

Community Service, Environment and Enforcement Committee Chair, Cllr Will Russell says: “We have been steadily progressing with the plan to ensure our residents can access a wide range of sites across Brentwood. With the government’s goal of eradicating all purchases of combustion engine vehicles by 2030 and a forecast that by then there will be £3 million electric vehicles on the roads, it is vital that this project continues to increase charging points.”

Neil Isaacson, Believ CEO, says they are thrilled to be working with Brentwood Borough Council: “The new installations will cater for the growing demand for fast and rapid EV charging in Brentwood, and support our mission to accelerate the switch to electric vehicles, reduce emissions and improve air quality.

“The mixture of fast and rapid chargers has been carefully thought through to support specific resident and visitor requirements. The rapid chargers are perfect for those who want to recharge on the go, while fast chargers are ideally suited to those spending a few hours in the town centre or the impressive new Pavilion, as well as for residents without access to off-street parking.”

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