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We Believ in 2030

Perran Moon

Perran Moon

Chief Marketing Officer

Author: Perran Moon, Chief Marketing Officer, Believ

The government’s recent decision to delay the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by five years is bitterly disappointing. We strongly believe this is not the time to retreat from measures that help us move away from our reliance on fossil fuels. There will be those that say that ‘a five-year delay doesn’t really matter’. But it does really matter. It sends the wrong message to both the business community and the general public and weakens the UK’s standing on the global stage.

Three years ago, the government claimed to want to lead the G7 in achieving net zero. Instead, it is making U-turns and delaying the ban on ICE sales until 2035. It creates a lack of urgency in tackling what is now an immediate and existential threat to the climate.

We need to act quickly. Our towns, cities, and countryside deserve cleaner air for all, its residents sustainable transport, and our businesses reassurance that this government will follow through with the commitments it makes.

That means we all need to accelerate the rollout of the EV infrastructure and increase its visibility as much as possible to keep encouraging consumers to make the switch away from fossil fuels. It is essential to achieving net zero.

Local government plays a pivotal role in this acceleration. Government funding such as the Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) fund continues to be available, and with or without funding, local authorities can still deliver a local EV charging infrastructure at scale and at pace.

Whilst there has been plenty of focus on the number of charge points being installed, the quality of the charge points and infrastructure is just as important to build trust and encourage consumers to switch to EVs.

To meet the needs of EV drivers today and in the future, a sophisticated hyper-localised approach is required, which provides local residents with a broad mix of reliable chargers with different charging speeds installed in the right locations. As residents see more chargers in their neighbourhoods, the more confident they will feel in transitioning to electric vehicles.

With our fully funded model, meaning we require no public funding, Believ is ready, willing and able to work with progressive local authorities that understand that reducing CO2 emissions and delivering cleaner air for all is a mission that cannot be delayed.

Perran Moon
Perran Moon, CMO at Believ

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