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Women in EV series: Navigating law and order in EV infrastructure

We sat down with the in-house legal team at Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point operator Believ to find out how they are navigating legal processes, ways of working, gender equality and diversity in a new industry.

When new industries emerge, it is crucial that the teams leading its growth are dynamic and ready to face challenges never seen before.

So, when electric vehicle charge point operator Believ was recruiting its in-house legal team, a key requirement was the ability to solve and make recommendations on emerging issues with new ideas.

The all-women legal team at Believ not only brings together a wider range of perspectives and experiences, but also leads to more creative and innovative approaches to problem solving and reflects attributes of gender equality, inclusivity, and diversity in an otherwise heavily male-dominated space.

Legal Director Amanda Pun, who leads the team of four, says that the beauty of working in a new industry means everyone is on the same path: “We’re all still working it out,” she says. “Because it’s a new industry, often we have no choice other than to start from scratch.

“New issues arise all the time and it is our job to look at something similar in the past and tailor it to the current situation, as many legal problems or frameworks haven’t even been considered in the industry yet.”

Legal Counsel Natalie McKeirnan concurs: “Each day is a voyage of discovery, not only learning about the industry but also our roles within it. Working in private practice or in more established industries means the legal frameworks and answers are already in place – in our case we are still figuring out the questions!”

Alexis Wathen, one of the newest members of the team and the junior Legal Counsel, says that because everything is still new, they are overcoming legal obstacles together: “No day is ever the same, and the best part is experiencing it as a team all working towards the same goal.”

Alexis believes there is a palpable sense of collaboration in the team, made even stronger due to it being all-women in what is otherwise a heavily male dominated industry: “Working alongside women, all working towards a common objective, is a powerful and empowering experience. 

“In other roles I saw women who had children being told they were not ‘Partner material’. Traditionally, we have always taken up caring roles that preclude us from making it to the upper echelons of working practice. Someone has to feed and put the kids to bed and if it is between you and your male partner, who is statistically more likely to have a higher pay slip, it is the man who is more likely to go back to work. And so, the cycle begins again.”

Indeed, the Law Society’s most recent report states that more men are working in higher paid roles than women in law, even though women make up 60% of new entrants. [1]

“I think that is why this team feels special,” says Paralegal Ayesha Khan, the team’s newest member. “We are proof that women can and should be in these roles – especially in new industries, so we can help to re-write historic stereotypes of women in work.”

Ayesha concludes by saying that the inclusive nature of Believ creates a collaborative environment: “The nature of our job means we collaborate with every part of the business,” she adds. “What we love about Believ is that the business already has a deep sense of inclusivity and that is a significant part of how we work.”

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Believ’s legal team: Natalie, Alexis, Amanda and Ayesha

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